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About us

Caring for Animals Of Any Size

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The doctors at St. Francis Veterinary Clinic hold a unique distinction in these parts: they function as wildlife veterinarians, taking care of the big cats at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge when the lions and tigers need emergency vet care as well as ongoing medical attention. 

According to Lasche Finch, office manager for the practice, “Those calls are very interesting, but the doctors have to be very careful and very alert while working on big cats.”

Of course, you can say the same for doctoring horse and cattle, which is why the staff at St. Francis encourage livestock owners to bring the animals into the clinic whenever possible; the facility is fully equipped to safely and effectively examine and treat large livestock. The vets however, understand the need for a country vet, and make farm calls when necessary. Acting as a mobile vet clinic on occasion is just part of the job for these hardworking doctors.

The doctors at St. Francis Veterinary Clinic hold a unique distinction in these parts: acting as wildlife veterinarians for the big cats at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Our Staff

Dr. Eby with puppy

When you need to find a veterinarian, your first question is often, “Is there a veterinarian near me?”

There aren’t a lot of veterinarian hospitals or emergency vet clinics in our area, but when you choose, you want someone who can answer your questions and take care of your pet or livestock. All of us at St. Francis take pride in our jobs, enjoy our work and understand the responsibilities that come along with it.

We are dedicated to making you and your pets feel as comfortable as possible during your visit. Ask a question here and the vet will answer as clearly as possible. We have a relaxed atmosphere, but also respect that difficult and serious situations sometimes arise, and sometimes hard questions need to be answered.

We all work hard at our designated jobs, but we also work as a team, filling in for others or helping whenever needed.

Dr. Ron Eby and his veterinary staff, all work on cats and dogs, livestock, and exotics, including birds, reptiles and small pet mammals.

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