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Reproductive Services

Semen Evaluation

Various studies suggest that as many as 1 in 5 beef bulls are not satisfactory breeders. For this reason, Dr. Eby recommends a BSE (breeding soundness exam) before each breeding season.

Pregnancy/Repro Exams

Pregnancy testing by palpation is also an essential part of a successful and profitable cow herd. Producers want to be efficient and make a good return on their investment. You can't feed a cow all year if she's not producing a calf. Determining the stage of pregnancy is also very important in reducing calfhood disease such as scours and pneumonia.

Assistance with Calving

Six to 10 percent of all calves born in beef cow herds in the U.S. die at, or soon after, birth. About half of those deaths are due to calving difficulty (dystocia). This multi-million dollar annual loss is second only to losses from failing to conceive. Dr. Eby has the same goal as his client, the beef producer - to get a live calf. When a situation develops in which the cow or heifer is experiencing undue stress, do not delay calling us. Although this is a veterinary emergency, often we are able to correct the problem and deliver a live calf.

Herd Work


There are a number of diseases we are able to vaccinate against. We suggest you be aware of which vaccinations to give at what time of year. Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our recommendations for this part of the country.



Dewormed cattle gain more weight, on average, than cattle left untreated. Contact us concerning when and what you should be doing to maximize your investment.


Castration is an essential procedure in a cow-calf operation. Done properly, bull calf castration will increase the return to the operation. When selling feeder calves, it is understood that bull calves will often sell for less than steer calves. The timing and choice of method can have an effect on health and performance.



Many health problems in beef cattle can be managed successfully if detected early. Cattle owners can prevent or minimize losses by taking steps to keep the problems from recurring or spreading to the rest of the herd.

As doctors in an Ozark veterinary clinic, the vets at St. Francis Vet Clinic are familiar with the most common cattle diseases of the region, their diagnosis, and their treatment.

Depending upon the symptoms, these evaluations can be conducted at the clinic or on the farm, during a mobile vet clinic visit.

Other Livestock & Exotics

We also provide services for other species of livestock and pets: preventative care, vaccination, deworming, and general medical and surgical services for sheep, goats, small ruminants and camelids. Please check with us for more detailed information, as we do have an“exotic vet” on staff.

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